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Legal Technology Consulting for Law Firms & Corporate Legal Operations Teams

Legal Technology Consulting for Law Firms & Corporate Legal Operations Teams

From turn-key solutions for startup law firms to customized solutions designed to streamline and accelerate existing law firm and corporate legal operations, our team specializes in driving amazing results through the use of cutting-edge legal technologies. We provide our partners with the capabilities to confidently seek out and represent new, sophisticated clients with increasingly complex legal matters, and we drastically reduce legal spend for corporate legal operations as well.
eDiscovery & Litigation Support through Trial

eDiscovery & Litigation Support through Trial

We partner with attorneys and law firms to provide cutting-edge eDiscovery and Litigation Support services through trial, including consulting, operations and administration. Our experienced team provides consultative solutions, personalized service and we deliver amazing results, powered by advanced AI. Our 2022 record was 10-0 in full jury trials and arbitrations.
Legal Technology Innovation

Legal Technology Innovation

We live at the intersection of law and technology, and thrive by using cutting-edge legal tech to drive amazing results, including fantastic reductions in legal spend. We partner with leading firms and corporations to provide effective internal legal-technology innovation and increased efficiencies. Our solutions help drive increased access to justice for all. We partner with select solo attorneys, boutique law firms and corporate legal teams to improve outcomes, decrease time-to-resolution, decrease costs and increase satisfaction.



  • Better, faster results with less spend
  • Modern Collaboration & Communication Systems (Teams / Slack)
  • Advanced Client Data Management:
    • Analysis & Analytics
    • Compliant Storage
    • Reuse/Retention
    • Safe Disposal
  • Matter & Firm Management System Design, Implementation & Support
  • Automation, Power BI & Analytics
  • eDiscovery & Litigation Support Tools:
    • Selection & Pricing
    • Vendor Management
    • Workflow Design
    • Best Practices
    • User Training


  • Analysis, Use & Testing of Cutting-Edge Legal Technologies
  • Compliance Audits / Cybersecurity / Privacy Solutions
  • Using AI to Reduce Legal Spend
  • Technology Audits & Custom Solutions


  • Early Case Assessment / Analysis
  • Managing complex eDiscovery
  • Increased Accuracy / Decreased Spend
  • Comprehensive Litigation Support
  • Trial Preparation & War Room Support
  • Trial Graphics & Video Support


Founded in 2023, LEGALITY | LABS is not a law firm -- instead, our team of highly experienced legal-technology specialists provide consulting services to individual attorneys, boutique firms and corporate legal operations teams/departments. 

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